Create a Timeless Kitchen Design With These Leading Remodeling Trends

Adding some modern touches to your home can do wonders for your property’s look, comfortability and value, and there’s no greater space to improve on than the busiest room in your home: the kitchen. With high traction throughout the day and the chance for cozy socialization around mealtimes, your kitchen is often the hub of the household, which gives you all the more reason to spruce it up.

If you’re looking to start a renovation soon, here are some leading kitchen remodeling trends to help you amplify the state of your favorite social space.

A Multifaceted Island

There are a number of ways that a kitchen island can improve the style and functionality of your kitchen, from adding extra drawers and storage space to offering additional bar seating and food prep areas. Including a larger kitchen island instead of the typical wall-hung cabinetry can create an entirely new focal point in the room that’s both versatile and attractive.

 A Fresh Color Scheme

Gone are the days where basic browns and other neutral hues have taken over communal areas in the home. Many are now choosing to incorporate more bold or eclectic colors during their kitchen remodeling planning, and for good reason. A pristine color like white or warm hues such as yellow or red can brighten an otherwise dark, enclosed space. Meanwhile, cool pastel greens or royal blues present a more rustic, natural ambiance that’s comfortable and soothing.

A Modern Yet Practical Floor

Wood floors are still the go-to for many kitchen renovation projects, as they are easy to clean and manage while still looking updated and classy. However, the option of large ceramic tiles is also a great alternative for adding flair without overwhelming the space.

Taking on a kitchen remodeling project is no easy feat. Thankfully, with the right budget and these trendy design choices at your disposal, you can ensure that all the hard work will pay off in the end.