Why White Should Be Your Choice for Kitchen Cabinetry

For a versatile option in kitchen cabinets, white is the color to choose. There are more places to hang cabinets than just the kitchen, as these are great space and organizing aids for laundry rooms, bathrooms and even bedrooms. In addition to functionality, your cabinet selection can also improve the aesthetics of a room.

Select a Design

When you start the search for the perfect cabinet design, you may be constrained by your budget. Luxury cabinets are impressive and look amazing in a kitchen, but these can set you back a pretty penny. Additionally, this style only suits homes or designs that are complimentary. For the average homeowner, your cabinets should be selected according to the general style and aesthetic of the home, as well as your personal design interests. White cabinets are the most flexible and forgiving when it comes to complementary styles.

Select a Color

To liven up your choice in kitchen cabinets, you can pair white with several color combinations. Here are a few of them:

  • Pale green and white pair beautifully together, whether you are using the cabinets in a kitchen or laundry room setting.
  • Pair your white cabinets with rosy pink walls and lovely colorful accents for a bright kitchen design that appears open and spacious.
  • Glazed cabinets with a contemporary white color tone say chic and fabulous, giving your kitchen or bathroom a high-end feel.
  • Distressed white cabinets are a popular choice for those pursuing a modern farmhouse vibe, and this look can work seamlessly in any room.

Select Accessories

To enhance the look of your white kitchen cabinets, consider changing out your fixtures and appliances to be white. It could be a set of hanging lights in the kitchen, a white refrigerator or getting a white dishwasher.

The trend of white cabinets isn’t going away anytime soon, making it a great choice for your remodel or update plans. Check with a contractor on your options with new cabinetry and white design choices.