Three Ways Crown Molding Can Improve Your Home

Crown molding is an excellent way to add charm and a finishing touch to any living space. Though you may need to hire someone with a few carpentry skills to get the job done, it may be well worth every penny. Crown molding has the ability to cover imperfect corners and create an elegant look all at the same time. Crown molding around the tops of cupboards and fireplaces makes the room feel like it was custom made. Lighted crown molding can add extra light to the room as well as being used for mood lighting. 

If you have ever remodeled and had to change a wall in your home, you may know the corners of walls, especially up by the ceiling, don’t always turn out as well as you had hoped. There is often an existing texture on the ceiling that is not easy to match, and in the process of mudding the wall, the corner just didn’t quite turn out perfect. Crown molding is a great solution to this problem. Not only does it hide the flaw, it also adds appeal to the room.

Adding crown molding around the tops of cupboards and fireplaces creates a focal point in the room and also makes your cupboards look more expensive than they might be. It gives a finishing touch that is hard to achieve without custom trim. If you choose to use real wood trim to match your cupboards, you will want to make sure your contractor has great carpentry skills, as cutting the corners correctly can be a challenge.

Lighted crown molding is unique and can be used to create ambient lighting or for extra light in any space. It is a simple way to add value and appeal to your living space.

While crown molding is not new, it is still an excellent way to update a space and add value to your home. Using a contractor with good carpentry skills can ensure a quality job and professional results.