Prepare Your Home to Age in Place

More adults are considering aging in place as they get older. For people who have worked for years to pay off their home, it makes sense to want to live in a place where you don’t have to worry about costly living fees each month. However, not all homes are equipped for people to age in place and may need some modifications before it’s safe. Here are some home readiness tips for adults who are considering aging in place. 


Check your floors to be sure there are no fall hazards. This includes area rugs and other loose items that may be troublesome and cause a fall. If you have area rugs, secure them with adhesive so they don’t slip when you’re walking on them, or consider investing in carpeting which is installed with staples. If you have cords around your home, secure them to the wall or other items so they aren’t hanging out in the open.

Bathroom Modifications

The bathroom is one of the most common areas for people to fall because the floors tend to get slippery. If you’re considering aging in place, invest in a good non-slip mat for your shower and install grab bars near your tub so you can safely get in and out. Grab bars are also handy near toilets or other areas where you’ll be getting up and down. If the faucets are hard to turn, swap them out for user-friendly models that you can easily turn on and off.


Poor lighting can also cause issues for adults who may have a hard time seeing, especially at night. Place night lights throughout your home so they illuminate your hallways and high-traffic areas, making it easier to see. Timers can also keep lights on when you need them most and may also save you on your monthly electricity bills. Place flood lights around the exterior of your home so you can safely see when you’re walking around your property at night.