Why Refacing Your Cabinets Could Be the Best Part of Your Kitchen Remodel

You’ve been saving and saving and it’s finally time to get the kitchen of your dreams. Maybe you’re most excited about the extra counter space that you have planned, new appliances, or gorgeous flooring. The more wonderfulness you add, the higher the bill. One way to cut costs is to consider cabinet refacing instead of replacing them entirely. Here are some reasons why refacing your cabinets could be the best part of your kitchen remodel.

Save Money

Check out the condition of your cabinets. If they’re made of solid wood instead of particle board and they’re in serviceable condition, it’s likely that you could use them as the basis for upgrading your kitchen. Even if you need to do a few repairs, using the existing cabinetry will save you thousands. Many people may try to do this themselves, but hiring a professional will give you the confidence you need to incorporate something old into something new with no one being the wiser.

Choose the Best

Since you’re saving so much money by choosing cabinet refacing over replacement, you can afford to choose from a greater range of door styles, finishes, and accents. You’ll want to make sure that everything matches whether you get something off of the shelf at a big box store or decide to have a local cabinet maker design you something custom.

Consider the Environment

Your updated kitchen will be gorgeous and only you and your remodeling company will know that you didn’t completely gut the place. If you choose cabinet refacing, you’re also making an eco-friendly choice. There’s less waste going out, and you’re using less environmental resources to get the job done. When a professional does the refacing, you’ll get just as much life out of your cabinets as you would if you had replaced them completely.

When updating your kitchen, consider cabinet refacing. Your dollar will stretch further, allowing you more design options, and you’ll be doing the environment a favor.